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ROHN has an extensive library of tower design and construction drawings dating back as far as 25 years.

For documentation to be released on a tower, the owner of record must provide written permission to release the records. Below we have included the records release form for your use. Please complete the attached form and have it signed for release of records.

ROHN requests that all documentation requests be paid for by Credit Card. We have included a Credit Card Authorization form below, for your convenience.


ROHN Standard Drawing Packages Included with New Orders

• Design/Permit Package: (2) Hardcopies, ships ground (2-3 days)

• Assembly Drawings: (1) Hardcopy, ships with hardware carton

• Product Review: (2) Hardcopies, ships ground (2-3 days

Note: Electronic copies of the above are also sent via email at time of hardcopy shipment.

Supplemental Items Available with New Orders

• Each additional hardcopy set shipped with the above standard packages $50

• Drawing Packages requested within 1 calendar year of shipment (per set) $50

• Overnight delivery of a Drawing Package, Product Review or ID Tag $50

• Oversized hardcopy Drawing Package (per set) $100

• P.E. Seal each page of Design Drawings and first page of Calculations (per set) $100

• P.E. Seal first drawing of Assembly Drawing Package (per set) $100

• P.E. Seal each page of a Drawing Package and/or Calculations (per set) $250

• P.E. Seal miscellaneous Letters or Forms $750

Note: Additional P.E. Sealed Drawing Packages or Product Reviews requested after 1 calendar year from shipment will require reanalysis based on current Standards and Analysis Methods (quoted on a project-specific basis).

Documentation Requests for Existing Structures/Products

• Electronic Data Base Search
(Note: Design drawings/calculations provided with original structures are not available)
    o Assembly Drawings with or without Foundation Drawings $550 o Geotechnical Report $550
    o Geotechnical Report and Structure/Foundation Data combined $800
    o Product Data – connection details, etc. (Fabrication Drawings not available) $950
    o Nominal Section Weight Summary $300

• Design Drawing Package (P.E. Seal included) for a site name change only $250

• Foundation Design (P.E. Seal included) for a new site $500

• Concrete Pole Data $550

• Hardcopy Archive Search (available when Electronic Data Base Search fails) $850

• Replacement ID $100

• Overnight Delivery in the U.S. of Documentation or ID Tag $50



(Engineering costs may be credited with a firm order for structure/product within 90 days)

• Design Drawing Package $1,000

• Foundation Design $500

• Assembly Drawing Package $1,000

• P.E. Seal Catalog Design Package $350

The services of an outside engineering firm will be needed for the following (quoted on a project-specific basis):

California: any structure.

Oregon: any structure considered special by a building official.

Hawaii: any structure.

Washington: structures over 100 feet.

Nevada: structures over 100 feet.

Oklahoma: any structure designated a "Significant Structure".

Illinois: any structure.

Puerto Rico: any structure.



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