Rohn Manufacturing

  • Great Things are on the Horizon

    NASA uses ROHN towers to monitor their launches







    NASA's Goddard Flight Center
    Wallops Island, Virginia

  • ROHN's FK55 Fold-Over Tower
    Folds quickly and easily in a matter of minutes

  • Favorable Winds are Blowing at ROHN

    ROHN is supporting the global search for alternative energy sources
    with turbine support structures and meterological towers around the world.







    Selawik National Refuge
     near the Arctic Circle























    "Thought is the wind and knowledge the sail..." - David Hare

  • Reaching for the Stars

    ROHN is supporting research in the study of the ionosphere







    National Science Foundation's AMISR Research
    Radar System, Fairbanks, Alaska,
    Constructed by SRI International







  • Keeping You in Touch With the World

    ROHN towers improve services and safety
    in the world’s most remote locations








    Wind and Communication Tower
    Liasamis, Kenya

  • When the winds pass by, we stand tall

    ROHN towers survive under the pressure of hurricane force winds







    Wind Energy Systems Technology (W.E.S.T) Meteorlogical Tower,
    Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Galveston, TX
    Survived a direct hit from Hurricane Ike.







  • Neither Wind, nor Rain, nor Snow…

    ROHN has structures standing in the most challenging climates







    Lewis Peak, Mount Ogden, Utah
    Emergency Communication Towers for

    the 2002 Winter Olympics

  • The Enduring Industry Standard

    For 66 years ROHN has endured as the quality
    standard in the tower industry










  • Building to New Heights

    Contact ROHN to design, fabricate and construct your next site









    Mt. Mansfield, Vermont




ROHN - The World Leaders in Tower, Pole and Antenna Design and Manufacturing

ROHN has been the world leader in tower design and tower manufacturing for more than six decades. We continue to meet the demands of our customers with innovation in design, continuous process improvement and a drive to employ the talent and knowledge leaders in the tower manufacturing industry. Whether its Guyed Towers, Self Supporting Towers or Steel Poles, ROHN maintains one of the largest manufacturing and staging facilities in the tower design industry. Our people have a commitment and passion to supply the best and be the best, for your benefit. We’re glad you have chosen to visit our site. Please contact our tower manufacturing company if we can be of service to you.


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